The Eye of Am

The studies and theories of Zalgo

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Anonymous asked: I mean the 3 "new" tweets on his twitter

I don’t see any new tweets at all.

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Anonymous asked: Did you see Rob's Twitter?

I did know that it also deleted the tweets and all…

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Anonymous asked: Do you have a youtube channel?

No because fuck Google +/Gmail and I have no camera to film myself.

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Anonymous asked: Could Zalgo Grant Power to a mortal?

That ISN’T forced? Seeing his cult members can get that in the past…

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Anonymous asked: The fuck why are the videos gone??? Goddammit and I was gunna watch them again...

I don’t know. Maybe the agents that follow Rob finially got to them?

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Anonymous asked: Have you read about that Placebo person? They seem to be going through a weird phase and haven't been active for a while. I'm really concerned about him/her. It seems like they need some help. Do you think you can evaluate them and give some insight?

Placebo? Care to give me more info on this?

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Anonymous asked: What are they? Some Type of god or Monster?

Zalgo and Am? By the looks of the stuff I read a while back, they’re gods.

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Anonymous asked: Does slenderman still stalking you or zalgo and his servants?

I haven’t seen Skinny in a long while and neither have the cosmic horror asshole.

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Anonymous asked: I'll be keeping some sort of protective charm on me or something, just in case something like that tries to happen again. Still, I can't shake the feeling 'he' is up to something involving me... [and I say 'he' because saying his name out loud, in my experience, has always caused some bad/near fatal incidents on too many occasions]

Talk about not a good year for anyone…

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Anonymous asked: I am not sure. Not even my folks could understand what the fuck I was saying. I asked them what it sounded like and said it sounded like some 'weird Latin-sounding kind of cryptic shit', but they were able to make out 'tenebrosi dominus', which translates from Latin to 'Dark Lord'.

Well shit, I have a feeling that’s a bad sign…

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Anonymous asked: Something happened to me on June 19. Like the whole day I don't remember anything that went on. My folks said that the whole time I was in some sort of 'trance' and kept muttering some weird shit to myself. To me it felt more like I was having a nightmare...

What was it that you muttered?

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Anonymous asked: I realized that I had the time wrong. It's 11:25 AM, not 5:11 AM. Date's the same though. Still, stay on your toes. I myself am preparing for the worst as well.


Got it.

June 19 passed and nothing happen. What gives anon?

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Anonymous asked: I was watching some videos from my dark journal and there was a new video named "Mother of Sights" who was the woman in the beginning and what's the meaning of that video?

It’s actually “Mother of Sighs” not “sights” and I don’t what the fuck it meant (at least I’m being honest on that one).

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Anonymous asked: okay well thorn wanted me to tell you that he doesn't know what's going to happen but he doesn't think this is over yet and he figures you should know. please send help he broke my legs and hekjhdasj[hg'l;;; Sorry about that. You know what they say, morphine numbs the pain, not the mind. Or maybe it was a bad syringe. At any rate, take care of yourself. :)

Ooooooookay. :o