The Eye of Am

The studies and theories of Zalgo

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Anonymous asked: In zalgo`s invocation, what does nesperian mean?

It’s “nezperdian” and even I don’t know what the fuck.

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Anonymous asked: I mean the 3 "new" tweets on his twitter

I don’t see any new tweets at all.

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Anonymous asked: Did you see Rob's Twitter?

I did know that it also deleted the tweets and all…

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Anonymous asked: Do you have a youtube channel?

No because fuck Google +/Gmail and I have no camera to film myself.

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Anonymous asked: Could Zalgo Grant Power to a mortal?

That ISN’T forced? Seeing his cult members can get that in the past…

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Anonymous asked: The fuck why are the videos gone??? Goddammit and I was gunna watch them again...

I don’t know. Maybe the agents that follow Rob finially got to them?

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Anonymous asked: Have you read about that Placebo person? They seem to be going through a weird phase and haven't been active for a while. I'm really concerned about him/her. It seems like they need some help. Do you think you can evaluate them and give some insight?

Placebo? Care to give me more info on this?

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Anonymous asked: What are they? Some Type of god or Monster?

Zalgo and Am? By the looks of the stuff I read a while back, they’re gods.

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Anonymous asked: Does slenderman still stalking you or zalgo and his servants?

I haven’t seen Skinny in a long while and neither have the cosmic horror asshole.

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Anonymous asked: I'll be keeping some sort of protective charm on me or something, just in case something like that tries to happen again. Still, I can't shake the feeling 'he' is up to something involving me... [and I say 'he' because saying his name out loud, in my experience, has always caused some bad/near fatal incidents on too many occasions]

Talk about not a good year for anyone…

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Anonymous asked: I am not sure. Not even my folks could understand what the fuck I was saying. I asked them what it sounded like and said it sounded like some 'weird Latin-sounding kind of cryptic shit', but they were able to make out 'tenebrosi dominus', which translates from Latin to 'Dark Lord'.

Well shit, I have a feeling that’s a bad sign…

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Anonymous asked: Something happened to me on June 19. Like the whole day I don't remember anything that went on. My folks said that the whole time I was in some sort of 'trance' and kept muttering some weird shit to myself. To me it felt more like I was having a nightmare...

What was it that you muttered?